Global SemiFab Solutions  
"Customer Focused Productivity"

GSS - Customer Support

GSS is committed to it's customers success by providing a range of exceptional services; including, worldwide support, new system development, and tool installation. All solutions will be performed seamlessly. Questions will be answered promptly.

Customer Support is provided in many ways:

    - On Site Support:
        ♦  Full Service Contract
        ♦  Preventive Maintenance (PM)
        ♦  System Audit
    - Technical Support:
        ♦  Software
           - EG Commander
           - Sort Manager
        ♦  Hardware
    - Training (on site only):
        ♦  Maintenance Training
        ♦  Operator Training
        ♦  Sort Manager
    - Spare Parts:
    - Board/Module Repair:

Contact Customer Support:


+1 480-947-5757

Returned Materials Authorization (RMA):


Technical Assistance:

Product Training: