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Global Solutions: GSS continues evolution of proven Electroglas probers

The high-volume and low-cost manufacturing found in current semiconductor production requires consistent, accurate and reliable probing. Dependable production-ready wafer probers that achieve the desired results are needed by chipmakers. Regardless of the test environment, high productivity and yield are the final goal.

Capitalizing on the more than 30 years of experience present in the Electroglas designs, GSS is refining these production worthy automatic wafer probers and is offering a range of 200mm and 300mm probers with their numerous technology breakthroughs.

GSS Wafer Probers Key Features and Benefits:
  • Designed to enable quick adjustments to your process as needed resulting in optimized manufacturing efficiency.
  • Focused on accuracy, reliability, and throughput performance helping you achieve your manufacturing goals.
  • Accurate alignment, frictionless motion, and non-contact edge sensing to optimize manufacturing processes and achieve higher throughput.

THE RESULTS: Global acceptance, production-proven, with more than 15,000 installed systems testifying to the reliable performance.

300mm solutions
  • EG6000t - Known as the world's fastest, most accurate and most reliable prober
200mm solutions
  • 4090u+ - For manufacturing requiring high-productivity probing
  • PATHFINDER - For manufacturing requiring frame or film testing


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