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About Global SemiFab Solutions

Our Mission

The Mission of GSS is to provide worldwide support for the Electroglas product families; including the EG6000, EG4000, EG3000 and EG2000 series. We will bring together the people involved in both product development and field support of these systems.

The worldwide support organization for the Electroglas product families has disintegrated, as a result of the Electroglas Inc. bankruptcy. While many individuals and small organizations have emerged in support of Electroglas equipment, it is fragmented, and often has no second level of support. Frequently, the support depends upon a single individual.

We have secured the services of some of the most experienced individuals in service support of this equipment, and we are developing partnering relationship with others throughout the world. This network allows us to support systems collectively and interactively. The end result is that we can provide a depth of product knowledge and systems coverage during individual unavailability.

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