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Global SemiFab Solutions

Global solutions are required by semiconductor manufacturers to assist them in developing and maintaining the efficiency and processes of their equipment. Global SemiFab Solutions (GSS) was created to continue the solid traditions initiated by Electroglas and its wafer probing technology, focused on wafer and device testing processes. This Electroglas technology, developed over four decades of rigorous improvement in the fabs of the world, will now be upheld and strengthened by GSS. Through a strong network of contacts in the field, GSS plans on working with the semiconductor manufacturers to overcome their manufacturing challenges with continual communication and problem solving concerning improvements needed, device quality and manufacturing performance. GSS is developing a strong support and training global network through its staff with extensive experience in the semiconductor equipment industry. With the strong Electroglas foundation, GSS is striving to continue to help customers reach their manufacturing goals; including improved products and service.


February 22, 2011

Global SemiFab Solution, LLC (GSS) announces its formation to address the needs of the customers of Electroglas, Inc. following the Electroglas bankruptcy in 2009.

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